Value through Innovation11 November 2015

Welcome to Partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim. We believe in developing long-term partnerships for shared commercial success. Our relationships range from discovery and development collaborations to commercial partnerships and full-scale, long-term strategic alliances. We invite you to find out more about partnering with us on these pages and how we can work together for better health.

Our Partnering Focus

Partnering is an important part of our company strategy and forms an essential part of our drug discovery and development efforts.

What We Offer

Our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every relationship we have, providing capabilities to complement your expertise.

What You Can Expect

We strongly believe, and are a significant investor in external research and development. Find out more about how we work to achieve shared success.

Welcome to Partnering with
Boehringer Ingelheim

Message from Paola Casarosa, Corporate Vice President, Therapeutic Alliances and Strategic Partnerships